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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Today was a day of checking out the local second-hand stores looking for items that would inspire me in Catherine Moore's Toy Theatre challenge. Today it was "Thrifty Thursday" at the Goodwill store in Brockville so my little finds were half off. Even better. I found the tassels, lovely knife box from England, a bone china wooden shoe with flowers in it, a funky foam crown, and the rosary, along with an 1894 reader, not shown. The sparkley thing is actually a Christmas ornament but it reminded me of a grand chandelier. Hmm, do you think Marie Antoinette would have approved?The bag in the front holds 281 glazier points. It seems they are hard to find around here so when I finally found them, I took the whole drawer to the cash and had them count them. I have plans to make a lot of art this year and don't want to have to search again for awhile.

The star book is the result of the last swap of last year from the Creative Underground. Now that was a happy surprise in the mail today!

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I AM VERY MARY said...

We should do some creative swapping. Not like big thrifting or anything, but a small project, each with our own interpretation. Like "paper bags, stars, and the colour orange" - like that! What do you think?


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