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Monday, March 24, 2008

Button Shadow Boxes

Well, as promised, here are the four shadow boxes of buttons. My hubby made the boxes and the buttons are sewn onto raw linen fabric. These were done many years ago and we have been enjoying them in the living room for a long time now. Above are the laminated celluloid buttons and buckles.
This is what started it all. These rather plain and utilitarian coat and suit buttons are made mostly of vegetable ivory.
This box is filled with carved Mother of Pearl buttons along with a spoon and cheese knife made from the same material that were my grandmother's. There are several windows in the room and it was hard to get good shots of these.
This is my favourite, the vegetable ivory button piece. If you enlarge the picture, you will see the great earthy colours and wonderful detail they were able to achieve.


Dale said...

These look totally cool! I also especially like the last one. THe colours are so great there! Who would have thought vegetable fibers would dye so nicely? I really like the greens there. Awesome work :)

CathWren said...

Yummy buttons Jennifer, and the boxes display them beautifully.


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