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Friday, March 14, 2008

Dreams of Spring

The above picture is for those who long for spring and have forgotten what lush and lovely colours await us in the glorious forms of flowers and greenery.

Nothing much to report today. With the March break, the boys have been here all week as well as their friend Meaghan. Two have come down with head colds, and the snow isn't receding any although there is a lot of sunshine.
I'm caught up on cleaning and long to get back at the creative stuff but am busy getting some more old books, sweet grass baskets and other things priced to go into the Milkhouse. We open next month! We have taken an ad in the Upper Canadian newspaper and the Antiques and Collectibles Trader magazine, for the spring summer issues. I've been invited to participate in the Fall Artist's Studio Tour as well, so must keep that in mind too. Seems as though I have a long time before then, but it will go fast I'm sure.

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