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Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Very Mary Fun Swap

Mary Ann from Very Mary Designs wrote and asked if I would like to swap a couple of cards. I was honoured to have been asked and said "of course."
Well, the two cards above are what arrived in the mail the other day to my total and delighted surprise. Okay all mail that comes to me and doesn't have a bill in it is a thrill. They are lovely and to be honest the scanner does NOT do them justice. I love them. Our wide open theme was love/hearts. Pretty simple huh? You can visit her blog with the link above or in the blog list to the right. If you click on the cards you can see them much larger.
Well, I knew I wanted to use some clippings from my small collection of romance comics found at a yard sale years ago. Growing up I wasn't allowed to read such things, so when I came across them, I must admit that, for a moment, I hesitated. They were only $2 for the pile and I am very glad I bought them. I read a couple. I realise that my mom was right and I didn't miss anything much after all.
These were fun to do and I must make more for the Milkhouse. Maybe someone besides Mary Ann will be thrilled to have one. Thanks Mary Ann for the fun challenge.

1 comment:

I AM VERY MARY said...

Oh, I'm sure I won't be alone in my love of those cards! They really are so fun and charming!


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