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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to My Little World

Yesterday the weather turned from freezing rain in the morning to temperatures that were well past the 14 deg. Celsius mark. It was wonderful!
Today, we woke to dropping temps again and the promise of three more days of snow. At this point, there is no difference to me between the flurries predicted or the storm coming in tonight! It's all snow.
So, I take this opportunity to show you around a lovely little home, that never has bad weather and the fire always burns a welcoming flame in the evening.
First, is the attic space. The wallpaper in the whole house is copied from actual wallpaper samples that were my great-grandmother's, in the 1920's.
This boy's room is also in the attic, but my thought is that boys like it better that way. I made the mattresses from old ticking and the blankets are from a damaged old handwoven wool coverlet.
Moving downstairs, you find a well-equipped dining room with a grand piano in the corner, and a tea caddy too. Above is the informal sitting room and the bathroom. The bathroom even has metal towel racks, a hamper and a scale.
Here is the kitchen with a fireplace. The flooring is another copy of the old wallpaper samples, but I thought it looked more like the old Linoleum. The little girl's room upstairs is replete with a lovely doll house of her own (it was actually a candy box!). The furnishings are American-made by Tootsietoy. They are metal.
This lovely kit house is from the forties/fifties and is from England I am told. It makes for a lovely dwelling for the Tootsietoy furnishings and I esp. like the fact that the front opens and closes, which minimizes dust, although not completely. I hope you've enjoyed this little tour.

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

I always look forward to reading your blog Jennifer, but you've outdone yourself today. Thanks for the tour of your dollhouse. I've always wanted to have one.


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