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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Morning of Yard Sales

Obviously the background is too dark, however there are two really neat wire cake stands here along with some crushed glass (which will end up in some other glass bottles), a vintage package of tin icicles, and a neat little primitive wooden church.
Here is a detail of the little bird cage and the garland and gift boxes.
Today was the annual town-wide yard sale for nearby Merrickville. Since I moved here, my good friend Sue has driven out every May so we can do it together. This year didn't net us the same kind of finds we are used to, but it was a good day nonetheless. And we did not get the rain that was predicted!
There is a place where they do glass blowing and every year they have great big bins filled with seconds for very low prices. I bought a few pieces last year and didn't think I would need/want anything this year. Well, here is a box full of cool balls with holes at each end, in various colours. They were $1 each or 30/$20. Well, what would you do? I bought 30 of them! I have plans for them and will post the results another time.
Okay, I'm all worn out from wandering for most of the day and the picture isn't perfect, however you can see much of what I found. There is a great decorative bird cage- $1, a neat garland for only $3, some really pretty gift boxes, a tin target, various old school books and I am not sure what the wooden thing is for but I really liked it and it was the first thing I picked up.

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Pam McKnight said...

I love that desk thingy with all the slots in it!


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