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Monday, May 26, 2008

Rainy Monday Morning

It turned out to be perfect weather for the weekend, and this morning we woke to rain. No matter, the hubby is back at work and I'm ready for another week of the usual. I completed Marie Anoinette for the Toy Theatre project last night and am rather pleased with the results. I will post her later, after the pictures all get to Catherine Moore.
I'm really anxious to see what everyone else did, now that I am done. There were overwhelming moments when I thought for certain I was way over my head. Once I stopped thinking about what I ought to make it look like, I was free to use the materials most comfortable to me and run with it. Have a lovely week, everyone!

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

Congrats on finishing may for the Toy Theatre. Can't wait to see it.
P.S. Thanks for today's eye candy too.


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