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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring Days

This is the last plant to be added to the garden. I needed something to camouflage the light post that goes up beside the Milkhouse. The glass balls are from my trip to Merrickville.
I just thought I would tuck in this shot of the Greene and Greene style end table that Mary built a while back. He did three of them. They are made of Maple.
While removing the Christmas garlands for the season, we discovered the sparrows had already begun construction of a nest in the one around the kitchen window. They are very protective of their little family and have three babies. I had to stand a chair and hold the camera up over my head and shoot, hoping to get a shot of the birds. This is the best one. They sure develop fast. It wasn't long ago that their eyes were still closed.

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so charming lovely blog too!


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