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Friday, June 6, 2008


Years ago my mom found this box of eggs in her travels. She gave it to me a while ago and although I had looked at it before, this time I was looking for something in particular (see collage on previous post). Underneath the cotton and shredded paper are old newspapers torn and crumpled, from London around the time of WW1. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and you will notice little pieces of paper with the name of the bird each egg belongs to. Unfortunately many are broken.
The box is fairly deep so I expect it once held bottles of some kind. I have seen only twice before, collections like this of natural objects saved and classified, from years gone by. They were much too dear to make my own, but they are fascinating and precious.
Hmmm, I have some divided boxes, I think I will make my own.


Dale said...

your box of eggs here are soooo beautiful! What a special thing to be passed from mother to daughter! I love it :)

CathWren said...

These are absolutely lovely Jenn. A real fine and I believe are quite valuable. Even sweeter that your mother found them and gave them to you. Thank you for sharing.


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