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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marie Antoinette Toy Theatre Challenge

This is the theatre part of the project. The silk velvet curtains are from an old dress. The wooden box with a glass door is something my mom left with me years ago. The wall paper is vintage and the Toile inside is a fabric sample. I copied some Marie paintings onto canvas paper and mounted them on foam core to lean about as "art in the studio." The chandelier is a bizarre Christmas ornament and the prints are from a very old book on printmaking. It took forever to find the right glass knobs for the feet of the cabinet but finally I found some in Merrickville. The flower knob too, was a perfect match for the door. The swan facade is from foam core (covered with a damaged blouse fabric I found years ago at the rummage sale) and the outline is done with silver glass glitter shards. The flowers are Prima's "Belle Fleur."
A peek inside. The carpet is a photocopy of an old silk one I have for a doll's house.
Swan detail. I must add glitter to their beaks. Just noticed I totally missed that spot!
Here is Marie. She is dressed from old French dictionary pages. My youngest son soldered together her hoop skirt to create the foundation of the dress. I had other plans for the head and body but after some trial and error, I decided that if it's going to be a "Marie" item, then I guess a "Marie" stamp is in order. Catherine Moore has captured her perfectly! Her torso is a copy of a painting from Les Hameaus, her cottage retreat. Again the flowers are Prima and the rooster is just one of those wee treasures I've picked up over the years.
Here is a close-up.


Fete et Fleur said...

Your theater is WONDERFUL! I'm so glad you enjoyed your evening last night. I can't wait to see all the theaters. I'm going over to Catherine's now and see if there any posted.

Hugs! Nancy

Susan Williamson said...

Amazing work Jennifer. Just gorgeous!!!


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