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Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Life

This shot was taken yesterday with just one tiny fluff-ball of a bird.
This morning we have more tiny fluff-balls! If everyone hatches it is going to be a very crowded nest.
Here is my little jewel sampler. Top left, vintage glass Navettes (35+/pkg), centre top, vintage glass Rose Chatons w/foiled flat backs (200+/pkg), vintage glass faceted foiled jewels (assorted, 25+/pkg).
Bottom row, left, four tiny Cameos, vintage plastic, centre, a pair of round Cameos. Square glass cabochons with a Roman Centurion impressed in to them, below, vintage German gold fleck oval cabochons and next to them a larger Cameo of vintage plastic.

1 comment:

Godelieve said...

Love your photos about the bird's nest!
You have a fabulous blog!


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