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Monday, June 16, 2008

Perfect Father's Day Day Trip

Each year in Perth, at the Kiwi Gardens, there is a wonderful thing called "Art in the Garden." Kiwi Gardens is more than just a Nursery, it is an experience! There are mass plantings and paths the meander through the wooded areas and the most wonderful perennials, all hardy to our Eastern Ontario climate. There are also sculptures scattered through out, blending in and jumping out at you, much like the one above. It's a wonderful place to visit.
During "Art in the Garden" artisans from all over gather here to show their creations, well-suited for outdoor use/display. There are pieces of glass work, stone work, water elements, salvage creations and more. We usually try to buy one special piece each year, however, this year we settled on the plant pictured above. "Crambe," described as Baby's Breath on steroids. How could we resist?!
They also have food from the Sunflower Bakery and live music. It is truly a special way to pass a few hours. The massive Pinecone above, was another of my favourite pieces.
These Peonies remind me of fried eggs. They just make you smile when you see them. They're huge! After we were done, a short drive took us to Balderson where the ice cream is cheap and generous and the cheese curds are always squeaky fresh.

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