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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sparrows Again

Yesterday there were four babies in the nest. Growing very quickly. Nice new feathers, too. You can even hear them peeping now, from in the kitchen!
Today I was surprised to find only two in the nest! However, if you look to the right of the photo you will see that the "poop line" is higher than where the nest sits now. I fear that with their growing size and more movement, the nest shifted and two have fallen out. There is no sign of them anywhere, is it is a mystery where they ended up. We don't get much traffic on our front porch, the least of which would be any stray cats (I've only seen one, once when we first moved here!) Joshua screwed in an "L" bracket under the nest to prevent any further slippage. Hopefully it holds until these two are ready to fly.

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