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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And Then There Were None

On Monday morning I took this shot. Where the other bird was I have no idea. This little fellow seemed happy enough, flapping his wings, practicing for his big exit. When Joshua took a look later on the wee thing was on its back, quite dead. We had seen the mother attending with regularity to her brood over the preceding days, so this was a sad surprise. A little research told me they were House Sparrows. They normally build their nests near humans, so I am sure our presence didn't bother them. It stated they were messy too. No surprise there! I took down the garland they seemed to like to build in so as to discourage any further nesting there. Apparently they can be at this again a couple more times before the summer is over! It's been fun to watch the whole thing at such close range though.

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