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Friday, July 18, 2008

Mealtime Fun

I don't normally collect salt and peppers shakers, however the bright colours and funky designs make these irresistible. What makes them so unique is that they have such incredible detail and ingenious ways of dispensing the seasonings. Above, the drivers of the old automobile are the salt and pepper shakers. Judge's gavels do the job in the forefront and ketchup bottles are what you'd reach for to do the same. The stove is neat as the coffee pots are the salt and pepper while the whole top lifts off to reveal the sugar below! The hot dog cart is not a salt and pepper shaker however its colours and food-related design place it nicely with the other items, in my red kitchen.
Here are my faves. When you turn the knob on the front of the TV, the salt and pepper pop up from the top. The umbrellas hold your seasonings on the umbrella stand and the beaters on the mixer are where you'd find the same. The lawnmower is a real hoot as the salt and pepper pop up and down as you push it along the table. Not shown is a hat stand with a bowler and boater hats playing the role of salt and pepper shakers as well. Could lunch-time be any more fun?

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

This really made me laugh. I'm wondering if there is any room on your table for the food!


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