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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tea Time

Those who know me, know I don't drink tea or coffee. However, when I came across these wonderful little teapots from China, at a yard sale, I was smitten! The person who owned them had lived in China for a while and brought them back with her. Each one is so beautifully done and even the lids fit like gloves, just so, so you can barely make them out. Th intricately carved walnut is also from the same sale.
Here are the other three from the "set" I picked up. Almost makes you want to take up the "art of tea." Okay, not really, but they are wonderful to cast your eye upon and be inspired by their diminutive charm.

1 comment:

Mom of 9 said...

Jennifer, this makes me feel like stopping by for a lovely cup of tea and a chat.
This display is evocative of comfort and sharing.


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