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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spring/Summer Cleaning

After the Marie Antoinette Toy Theatre Challenge, there was some buzz about the mess that remained after all the work was done. One of the other participants thought it would be good to have new challenge where we would clean up our workspaces. I needed that challenge!
As you can see I did manage to get things cleaned up. In the process I also made some cards and finished putting together a doll.
And it was indeed challenging. However, it is good to look at what you have, put stuff away and reassess what needs to be improved or gotten rid of. However, I do still have two packages of cotton pipe cleaners in great colours that I simply cannot seem to part with! However, I am also not sure I'll ever actually use them!
The big steel cabinet with all the "cubbies" in it was likely my best find this summer. It enabled me to organise and yet keep visible some of the things I am often going back to. Sometimes you just gotta stop all that art and clean up! I find the clear spaces very inspiring too......I think I see another mess in my future. But putting things away will be easier now.

1 comment:

Dale said...

Those steel cubbies really do look handy! Awesome stuff.


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