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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend

There is no rain expected until tonight. Saturday was hot and sunny. I actually watered some plants! A really nice change from the usual gray skies and water, water, water.
On my way to dropping son number three off at work we stopped at a yard sale that advertised "mechanical and woodworking tools." This is the sort of thing that makes my son very happy. While time was short, I spied this workbench in a room off the garage. I loved the funky base and the shallow drawers, and the worn work surface. I inquired and the price was too good to walk away from. I left some cash and my name and said I would be back- husband and trailer in tow. Well, my poor man, and the fellow who loaded it on the trailer found the piece was built with a frame of solid steel angle iron and pipe! (there was also a solid piece of heavy, modern counter material on top of the original work surface, which added to the weight!)

Once home with it, it fell to my boys, who think themselves fairly capable of manly pursuits, to get it upstairs to my studio. Well, if it weren't for the lovely newel posts, three of them up the staircase and some odd door placement, the job might not have been too difficult. I honestly hadn't thought of the stair issue but was thinking of how nicely the piece would fit in my studio and that there was a good place for it! It took four of us to maneuver some of the more hazardous spots but it did end up in its proper home.

My hubby then reminded me that I had promised earlier that I would not be bringing anymore wayward pieces of furniture of any kind into the house. Oops! I forgot that detail. Well, here it is in writing, "I will not bring anymore pieces of wayward furniture, no matter how cool, into the house." Well, on my imaginary wish list is the hopes of finding someday, an apothecary cabinet. Someone may have to leave home to make room for such a thing, but hey! anything is possible. Okay, I hope that finding such a treasure doesn't happen until my guys are out on their own. That just makes life easier, right? In the mean time, I am very pleased with this new piece of utility furniture in my studio. I find it very inspiring.


Ronna Mogelon said...

It's very cool. No wonder you couldn't pass it up!

Fete et Fleur said...

It's a wonderful piece. I'm glad it found it's way to your studio. Love the new stamps too!



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