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Sunday, September 7, 2008

More Weekend Fun

On the way home we took our time and just enjoyed the perfect weather and the fact that we weren't held to any particular timetable.
We stopped at the Smith's Falls Flea Market to see if anything had changed much there. I was able to find some nice treasures. An antique postcard book of Versailles and Les Trianon, an 1870s music book of Tristan & Isolde, some worn paintbrushes and old game cards. The purse handles have their original price tag of .39 cents!
Marty was happy to find a book outlining all the episodes of the Twilight Zone and the assortment of pins were a bargain at $5 for everything.
Once in Merrickville, we found the place buzzing with people everywhere. That place is rarely void of happy visitors checking out all the neat shops there and enjoying the locks on the Rideau Canal. We stopped at a chip stand and took our snack over to the canal to enjoy.
After eating we wandered over to the foundry to check out its wares as we hadn't been before. It was a real treat to see and when we got out the rain had started again. I am happy to report that the house and dogs were still in fine form upon our return. We wont be waiting another four years to go back!

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