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Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Killer Frost

This morning I stepped outside to find my son in the car, after scraping FROST off all the windows and warming it up before the short trip to work. The air was definitely chilly!
Once everyone was up and out attacking the chores that come with cooler weather, I gathered up some of the garden pieces that get stored away for the winter.

A while back I was thinking about all the "things" we add to our gardens and why we do it. My guess is that it takes so long to come out of the winter months and get our gardens to flourish that we "decorate" them while waiting for the flowers to emerge. Our summer is so short compared to the winter that seems to go on forever.
First thing this morning the Begonia looked and felt like glass. When it warmed up bit it got all droopy and sad-looking. I loved this plant. It just bloomed like crazy this year and where others faded under all the rain, my Begonia kept up a good show until today.

Now for the four-legged point of view on the cooler days. Gumdrop likes to spend as much time outside running about like a nut and turning anything she can pick up into a toy. Rosie, the senior here, on the other hand, prefers to lay sprawled in front of the wood stove and soak up all the heat she can. When she is "well-cooked" she drags herself into the cool kitchen to drink enough water to make her belly swell and then she is back in front of the wood stove again. So goes the winter for the dogs.

As for me, I have exchanged the light cotton blouses of summer for a drawer full of turtle-necks and sweaters. Mandatory wardrobe for this old, cold house. Next, I must get out the boxes full of gloves and scarves for the rest of the family (I just hope that it's not as snowy as last year).

Now, go get yourself a warm cup of cocoa/cider and have a grand autumn weekend!

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

Lovely to see photos of Rosie and Gumdrop on your blog. They look so relaxed and healthy like well-nourished doggies from an ad or TV commercial.


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