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Friday, October 17, 2008

This One's For Family

A little while ago Aaron went out for the day and came back with a surprise!
He got all his hair cut off.
Gumdrop enjoys this time of year especially because there is wood to haul about and chew on. She prances over to the woodpile and picks the log of her choice, pulls it off and wants us to throw it for her. The tricky part is throwing it so she doesn't end up underneath it when it lands.
Rosie, on the other hand much prefers to spend her days in the window that gets the most sun. It really doesn't matter much to her if I have stuff in that window. She just noses it about and sits on it.


Ronna said...

Great shots! I esp like Aaron's hair shorter. He looks great.
Doggies are cute too...

Susan Williamson said...

The pictures of Aaron made me smile. It reminded me of the time David has all his hair cutt off a couple of years ago. (See http://artopiaupdate.blogspot.com/2006/07/shorn-for-good-cause.html )
And his hair is still short over two years later.


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