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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's All In The Drawer

I went looking through my studio for something the other day. This is a drawer I don't often go into. I know what's in there and rather enjoy just opening it once in a while to be inspired by its contents. Eventually I will put parts of it to use. I look at this stuff and remember the town-wide yard sale my friend and I enjoyed and where I found the metal auto parts cabinet. I remember the sale filled with a Magpie's dream of old and neglected items, where I found the old glass syringes and other items. For now, I share it with you.
This is another drawer. These are the games I have saved for personal use someday. The old picture Domino game was my brother's and mine when we were little. The "Jeep" game was my dad's when he was in the Forces.
If you go through all the pics of my "collections" you must realise that they are the result of more than twenty years of gleaning. . Then again, when you take a few precious objects and group them together, well, you have a collection. Wander through your home or studio with new eyes and see what you can group together for inspiration and memories of important moments in your life.

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