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Monday, October 6, 2008

A Weekend of Findings

I finally got around to getting my wall display of antique and vintage beads and sequins organised. The challenge was to come up with a way of making samples of each item available for customers to see. Being so small I didn't want something cumbersome. For those of you who have visited the Milkhouse, you know how chock full of items it is. I have tried to group like things together and provide samples of what you can do with things.
So, I had some fun in the evenings while watching TV, creating samplers. The one above shows all the cabochons and other flat-backed items attached to a floral collage. I just need to make a wire hanger and it will be ready to share with folks in the shoppe. I used sticky dots for everything. Don't you just love those!?
The crazy quilt heart is something I made many, many years ago. All the pieces are from fabric/ribbon scraps that were my great grandmother's and grandmother's. The colours and textures are so incredible! I fancied I might like to quilt and that is how this piece came about. I realise I am not a quilter! Anyhow, it sat in the bottom of a dresser drawer all these years and was admired twice a year when I did the seasonal change of clothes. Now it has a purpose and will be out to enjoy. All the vintage beads and sequins have been carefully stitched to it to allow folks to see what's in all those little baggies in pictured above. I don't often pull out needle and thread anymore but this was fun and relaxing to do. I have even begun another project that requires the old sewing box to remain next to the wood stove for the next little while! If it works out, I will post the results soon.

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Susan Williamson said...

What an amazing heart! Your blog is always so full of colour and joy, so thank you for that.


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