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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Well, the luggage is put away and old routines are resumed. Today the mail brought an order of Milagros from Mexico for the shop. Quite a variety of shapes! This is just a sampling!
While in Brockville this morning, dropping number two son off at school, I just had to drop into the Goodwill to see what was "new." You never know what you'll find! Today it was Victorian-themed tissue paper, a "thank you for not smoking" sign from the '70s, excelsior, the world's smallest kite (just never know when you'll need one of those and much more.
I also got this great old slipper chair for only $3.99!
While in the Barrie area there was much to see and some great finds that had to be passed up. Prices are very high there compared to way out here in Eastern Ontario. Waiting to be treasured by someone else with much deeper pockets are some wonderful wax-filled celluloid fish from an ancient carnival fish pond, a terrific antique ribbon dispenser with its original label in side and a great Gillette display case with glass top. Oh well, they would not have fit on my bag anyway. Happy hunting!

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i am very mary said...

I love a good find, and that chair is a beauty!


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