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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Final Look At Autumn

The mornings are downright cold now, the frost is on our windows and the wood stove is running almost non-stop. I have begun the hanging of garlands, the lists of baking to be done and the other details that need looking after for the holidays.
However, Gumdrop still likes to run in the leaves, dragging around the biggest sticks, er, branches she can find.
She'll swing the thing over her back and carry it that way. Clever girl.
But, all her fun will change soon and she will be chasing snowballs and prancing through the snow like a Gazelle, tail flying behind her. For the rest of us, I suggest a cozy spot near the fire and a cup of warm cider! As we have had no further snow since the October 29th storm, I saw a car yesterday covered with the white stuff at the gas station! They were obviously from somewhere else!

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