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Friday, January 23, 2009

Guest Room Pictures

Many years ago, in our old house, I had a wall filled with my silhouette collection. Then it was time to repaint the space...my hubby wasn't too impressed with the multitude of holes he had to patch before actually painting. I carefully packed away the collection and it has since sat in my closet, until now. When we began the guest room work I knew this was where the silhouettes were going. I pulled out some very old and imperfect faux grained frames and used them to draw attention to the smaller pictures by hanging them inside. There were a number of pictures of little boys and children which I hung like a frieze across the top of the wall.

This is the very first piece I ever bought. I was about twelve and we took the ferry from Kingston to Wolfe Island and then again to Clayton, New York to watch an antique boat rally. While there we happened across a house sale. It was pure magic, like stepping back in time. I purchased this silhouette and a doll-sized wooden step back cupboard. Still have that cupboard too.

This piece I got from Nancy recently. It sits inside a cast iron frame for a grate.

Here is another old grate, painted black. I've wired on two small silhouettes that I found just last week!

Here is the largest frame with my smallest pieces. Two of them have milkweed fluff in the background. There are a few more scattered about the room but I shan't bore you with them. I am very pleased with being able to see and enjoy them again.


Susan Williamson said...

What an amazing collection of silhouettes. There's something about black that so graphic and dramatic, and I love the way you have them displayed.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Just love silhouettes and love your collection. Beautiful way to display them, also.


Bonni said...

These are beautiful! I can't believe you've been able to keep them packed away for that long. I'm so glad you've found the perfect space for them. You've done a marvelous job in displaying them.

Fete et Fleur said...

They're wonderful! I love the way you framed the one you purchased from me. She looks lovely!



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