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Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Pet Tales

With the bird feeders filled and ready for birds, we have also attracted a few Squirrels. Gumdrop checks for Squirrels every time she goes out. She often has the joyous pleasure of chasing the poor things across the yard and through the fence. The Squirrel then goes up a tree and chatters back from safety. This particular morning Gummy ran out to find herself face-to-face with the Squirrel, who was definitely NOT expecting to be disturbed by anyone. They were both startled and the Squirrel took off in the only handy direction available- up.
Once he got to the top of the wall, he had no where else to go and was not too happy about this lack of planning on his part. So, Josh brought the dog in so the poor creature could save face and come down when the coast was clear.
Rosie has been prescribed raw soup bones to help clean her teeth. She was so happy to get one that she spent four and a half hours gnawing on it. She took a very brief break for dinner and even managed to carry it outside and hold it in her mouth while doing her business! She was NOT letting go of this new treasure for any reason! She has never been the kind of dog that chewed on things. If it's edible she will simply eat it, quite often without chewing it. Hopefully this does the trick for her.
Gumdrop, on the other hand will have no part of the bones whatsoever. She was completely disgusted by them at first and when she did give it a try, she promptly threw up at the back door. She does, however love to chew on branches and is known to pull logs off the wood pile to haul into the yard to gnaw on.

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