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Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi There & A Belated Happy New Year!

I am very sorry to have dropped off the planet for the past week. There was nothing wrong really but a recent wind storm brought down two of the towers supplying our Internet service and today is the first day I have been able to connect with the outside world, web-wise anyway.
So, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. It's already time to think about putting all the Christmas finery away.
The first day or so without the Internet we wandered about, repeatedly checking just to find that indeed we were NOT connected to the world wide web. It was somewhat like losing a limb. Silly huh? Blogging and touching base with friends is now mostly done on-line so losing access is tantamount to completely losing power to the house. But if the power was out, there would be other things to occupy our time, like hooking up the generator to run the pump and get water or things like that.
Once we came to terms with the lack of service, combined with the New Year's holiday, we became very productive in other areas. Also, the nagging little voice that sometimes says, "Go post your blog," went away. It was a little like being on vacation. But not really. My men-folk put in many hours preparing and painting guest room and now the back entry has its first coat of Yellow Ochre, awaiting its second this evening. I painted an old dresser, a shelf, and a little table. Things are looking fresh and wonderful. Pictures to follow.... barring any more storms. I checked, the weather looks good for this week. Ahh, life in Canada.


Bonni said...

Welcome Back!! I was just about to call and invite you to our Tuesday Library Run so you could get your online 'fix'! (They have free Internet access.) I'm looking forward to your pictures. The work you've done sounds wonderful.

I'm sure you have a pile of email and other on-line business to catch up on. Happy surfing!

Ronna said...

Welcome back!!


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