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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Organised

I finally put all my vintage Christmas fodder into separate boxes so it would be easier to get at. Always a challenge for those of us who create using found objects. Then the next challenge is finding funky storage for those objects. It just makes everything more fun and inspiring!
Joshua got a kick out of the labels on my drawers. Years ago, when I did antique doll repair and restoration, I had quite a collection of "body parts." It was amazing how some folks are totally freaked out but such things. I thought they were beautiful in their detail considering they were parts for playthings. Maybe it was too many scary movies...
Now that all the Frozen Charlottes are measured and organised, it is time to determine the prices. I hate that part. Anyone follow a simple formula for these things? Sometimes it's easy, other times, well...
I had to share this with everyone. A while back Joshua found two old Exit signs at a thrift shop. They were in pieces, parts were missing and serendipity had it that the missing parts were found on another thrifting expedition. Well, he resurrected one of the lights into a table lamp by turning every upside down and wired it up for Jacob for Christmas. Jacob was thrilled. Now he has the other one to fix.

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