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Friday, January 16, 2009

More Finds

I was very fortunate to come across four lovely old photo albums. I love these things! You can easily alter the covers if necessary and they already have wonderful pages with cutouts for the photos which put you already halfway to completing your pages! I have used two so far for the art journal round robins. The only caveat is that they are heavy and not cheap to mail. I love the celluloid cover on this one.
This album had a velvet cover with this wonderful silk insert. The flowers are hand painted.
This album was about ten by twelve inches, an unusual format. Love the celluloid cover again!
This funky old box I expect once held chocolates. Wouldn't you love to get chocolates in this thing? It was filled with hankies.
After some negotiations, the hankies and box were mine. What fun. The fourth old photo album had a leather cover and half the pages inside had great pictures surrounding the opening where the pictures went. On top of the box are three pairs of tiny Mukluks I bought for my mom. They are made of real Sealskin. Shortly after I took this picture I came into the dining room to find the good ol' Rosie had gotten up on the table and took one pair for herself. My mom now gets one-and-a-half pairs of wonderful tiny Mukluks. Some dogs!


Ronna said...

Oh that Rosie. She is one devil of a dog, eh?

Linda said...

What great luck you've had lately..you've found some great stuff. Laughing about your dog. Poor thing...she needed that.


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