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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "New" Guest Room

While my hubby did the painting of the walls, I went to town with some white enamel paint. This shelf was a lovely dark wood but the grain was very distracting and you didn't really notice the lovely carving. You can't tell in the photos but the paint is now "Au Natural," and lovely pinkish beige colour which works nicely with the white pieces. Sure beats the mint green, which reminded me of the dentist's office!
I looked for a while for an inexpensive hanging fixture as the room had no light, but got a great deal on this one and couldn't live without it. It is being re-wired to act as a hanging lamp (which means we can take it with us should we move) Yes, the men in the house can't understand why you would put a chandelier in the bedroom. Obviously they don't read the same magazines I do. (Wait 'til we re-do the bathroom upstairs. I've got my eye on a lovely little fixture for there too!) They are certain someone is going to bump their head on it but that could only happen if you jump on the bed. We frown on that here.

I also painted my grandmother's dresser white. It is waiting for a new mirror to be put in its frame. The lamps are old marble things I found at a yard sale years ago. They are not perfect, but I love them.
I woke up thinking the bed in the guest room should have a headboard and suddenly realised there were a few more old doors to check out in the barn. On with more white paint and a little trimming to fit and voila! It's actually bolted to the wall. The "dream" letters came from Winners for only $6. More sticky dots.
The little octagonal table was tucked away in my parent's garage for years and when we got a house and Marty started building things, my mom thought he could fix it. He eventually did and it is now happily repainted too.

Now to keep my eye out for some wonderful bed coverings. Oh yes, the floor needs to be done too. All in good time. I could fill a blog with just the things that were done to this house since we bought it, almost four years ago! So far so good, although it is hard to wait sometimes.

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

What a beautiful house you have Jennifer. I'm embarassed to say that my guest room looks like a motel room and it's filled with junk at the moment.
P.S. You're a born decorator in my my opinion.


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