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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Entryway

No matter what order I upload my photos, they always show up here in a different order. So, lets start at the end. This is the switch plate I covered with wallpaper remnants from our old house. It was a mural-like paper in our upper hall.
When you walk in the door, this is what you see now. Much better than the old mint green paint! I have had the board with the hooks on it for years and as soon as we got here I knew I wanted it to hang my old farm rake and shovel on. Do you think I could find it? Well, I did, eventually. My dear hubby had put it up in the workshop to hang things on. Can you imagine using such a neat old piece of faux grained wood with antique hooks for work clothes?! The "Welcome" above the door is made up of letters I bought in Barrie. I stuck them up with sticky dots. Golly, those things have so many good uses.
Here is my long-suffering son and his trusty sidekick, Gumdrop. After a bumpy start he settled into following my odd directions and we got all the finishing details completed.
I left the back door red, while the others are the same colour as the walls. Next post will have a peak into the "new" guest room.

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