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Monday, March 9, 2009

"Gift Boxes"

I have collected vintage and antique boxes/containers over the years. Nothing too dear, but fun and funky nonetheless. I have more lace and trim and buttons, and other treasures than I shall ever be able to use in my lifetime, so it was time to create little treasure boxes for the Milkhouse. They took longer than I thought to assemble as I got stuck on following a colour scheme for each.
Here are the contents of the Blue Tin. In the watch vials are mica flakes and German glass glitter. There are glass buttons,old tinsel, and more. Everything is old and all original. No filler here.
This little metal jewelry box is filled with pink items.
A smaller glass vial of pink glass glitter, mica flakes, antique glass buttons, watch crystals, vintage labels, a handkerchief and tiny German Frozen Charlotte, Dresden foils and an antique German scrap to boot. Many more boxes to go!

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

These are beautiful Jennifer. Like little jewelery boxes filled with tempting treasures.


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