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Friday, March 13, 2009

Oooh! Guess What Arrived!

Wrapped up in big bundles of bubble wrap were hundreds of old clock crystals and other parts. From 2 inches to over five inches across. Squares, rectangles, squares with arched tops, so many different shapes.
Much of them date to the 1950s and have their original wrapping on them. Just add a piece of matte board cut to the size of the crystal and you can create the most delightful collages and small assemblages for you wall or to add to larger pieces. Edge with paper or copper foil tape and Voila!
These are funky leather cases for travel clocks. They are empty but I think they will make great containers for little precious pieces to go with the other "Gift boxes" I am filling.
There were even these clock bodies. Funky fifties indeed.
What fun, an assortment of clock faces too.

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