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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Little Something To Look At On A Sunday

Things have been busy around here of late so here is a lovely shot Joshua took of Gumdrop in his new car. She actually does not like to travel in the car and gets sick after about a kilometer. However the car doesn't run yet so she is safe to just hang out with him while he works.
The addition on our old stone home is a dreadful modern piece of shoddy workmanship. (including 16 windows, all different sizes and all bad!) It has a long slanted roof that goes up three stories. Don't get me started on why anyone would want such a thing on a stone house or why the township would have allowed such a design. Oops, sorry about the rant.

Anyhow, it creates large empty spaces that need to be filled with something. So I have my own mini gallery of posters and art that please me. The watercolour of the Kingfisher is something I did in high school, back in the day that I could truly concentrate on what I was doing, without interruption. On the left is a pen and ink I bought from Sue, based on a photograph I took during an art tour in Perth, and the Chinese brush painting of grapes is by the brush painting teacher I had as a teenager. I made the "Buttons" sign at the top from an old breadboard.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Gumdrop is beautiful! This was an interesting post for me as my parents grew up in Perth. I shall watch for next year's art show. Thanks for this.

Stephenie said...

I love your little Gumdrop, how cute.. It's okay to rant, I know I do all the time (hehe).


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