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Monday, March 2, 2009

Making Tracks

It's been cold and crisp out. The sun is shining like crazy and you can't help but think of spring. I love to see all the little prints in the snow that birds make. They look so very busy.
Gumdrop's prints are all over the place. She just runs like a fool as though she will explode if she doesn't.
These look like Deer tracks. Could it be? So close to the house. Checking out the bird feeders I guess.

With such crisp, dry days, everything leaves a clear impression. Even the car.
There many Rabbit tracks about the place.


Ronna said...

Fantastic shots Jen. Almost makes winter bearable, eh?

Susan Williamson said...

You always have such interesting posts on your blog. I've never really thought about "footprints" in the snow before, but I'll definitely be looking for them now.


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