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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bustin' Out All Over

Down at the Brockville Market, where Aaron will be selling his work I found an Elephant Leaf plant. We had one in Alexandria years ago and I just love how big they get. It sat in my kitchen waiting to be planted for a couple of days and would sweat little droplets of water off each leaf. No matter how often I knocked them off, later there they would be again. It's happily tucked into my shade garden now.
Hostas are wonderful for their variety and the ease with which you can grow them. My friend and I used to try to collect a new one each year to add to the collection. They look so neat just before they open completely.
When we moved here, the Crab apple tree was a sad and sorry sight indeed. Each year we would discuss cutting it down. A little TLC and this year it's blooming prolifically!
My Bleeding Hearts are from our old home too. It was a huge plant in Alexandria and its offspring have suffered not from the move here.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I still have the Bleeding Heart you gave me and it now has several offspring. Thanks again.


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