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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grad Shots

Yesterday brought us all to Jacob and Aaron's graduation ceremonies. The last two years are a blur for me, and I wasn't even going to school! The lighting was not good at all for taking pictures and you couldn't get very close either. Here is Jacob getting his diploma for General Arts and Science.
Here is Aaron as he passed by. He graduated with distinction in Fine Arts. It was a little strange having them both graduate at the same time.
Here are my guys. Nope, no gowns, by the time we made it out of the auditorium, they were outside and totally robe-less. Joshua is writing his GED this summer and hopes to apprentice to become an electrician in the fall.
After it was all over we headed out to dinner at a local Chinese food restaurant. Who should we run into as we left but Aaron's friend and fellow graduate, Heather, and her boyfriend.

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Ronna said...

Congrats to both!


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