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Friday, May 29, 2009

Local Business Fair

A couple of big days have arrived. Today, Jacob and Aaron are graduating from their two year programs at college. For the boys this is a stepping stone to further education but a big one nonetheless, having home schooled them for so many years, it is good to know they "made it mainstream" too.
Tomorrow is our local Township of Augusta business fair. It was open to only those who live and or work in Augusta township in order to draw attention to all our little part of the world has to offer. I hear there are thirty vendors.
I wasn't sure what to do for the one day fair but a friend had a wonderful suggestion: bring photos of the inside of your shop to give folks a peek inside and encourage them to actually visit.
There have been a lot of changes this season so it was a good idea to make note of them. I'm pleased with how the pictures turned out, and tucked into frames, they look great. These are just a few. I made some flyers too, to hand out along with our business cards. I will be there for the morning and Marty, the afternoon. The council folk have put a lot of work into advertising and getting the word out. It will be interesting to see what kind of attendance we get. Aaron will be at the market for the morning too. Busy, busy.

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