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Monday, June 15, 2009

Milkhouse Garden

I've been wanting to dig out a garden in front of the shoppe for a while now. I just wasn't motivated as I wasn't sure what I would put in it. Well, I needn't have given it another thought as Jenny gifted me some of her wonderful garden plants for my birthday. That got the creative juices flowing! So dig I did. Just last night I got another call from a lady and she was cleaning out her garden and wondered if I wanted any of her cast off plants. It's better than Christmas!

There was an auction right across the road from us on Saturday and what should my hubby have bid on for me but some old patio stones. He got them for two dollars for the lot! No they don't all match and they aren't perfect but today Joshua and Aaron lay them down to make a little patio space.
With things cleared away, I was able to pull out a couple of my vintage containers and fill them with flowers. The copper bucket in front has no bottom and holds mint. I got it from a neighbour so many years ago when they were throwing it out. The giant green wash tub was from a friend.

A couple of yard sale finds round out the space. Don't you just love tree stumps? They are like nature's little footstools. I'm very pleased with the results. The weather was most cooperative too. Who wants to be stuck inside on perfect days?


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Looks good.

Susan Williamson said...

Oh Jennifer ...this looks just beautiful, marvelous and magical.


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