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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is a fun little piece I came across yesterday morning. I'm planning to paint it red and line the shelves with something fragrant potted herbs.

Joshua showed me this nest in the barn. These birds were certainly ready to take flight any moment. The next day, they were gone.

The "end" of our day certainly didn't finish as planned. You know, with a quiet dinner of leftovers and a relaxing evening. Just as we were turning onto our road (with our signal having been blinking to give proper notice of our intentions) some lady in a big pick-up tried to pass us as we were turning. Next came the explosive bang and then the spinning around. Then a kindly neighbour happened by at the right moment to keep us company while we waited for the police and my hubby. I had bumped my head on the side of the car and bruised the back of my shoulder on the door lock. Needless to say they called an ambulance. I got to see first hand what it was like being tied to a board and hauled off to hospital. Nothing was broken and Aaron and I are only bruised and achy. The car however, is done. I was most upset that Aaron's market tent and table were in the trunk and got damaged too. Silly huh? Anyway, a few days of rest should help to get us back up to to the old routine I hope. The police are on their way over tonight for us to sign the requisite forms etc. A new learning experience everyday!


Ronna said...

Yuck! Get better soon. A car can be replaced...YOU can't !

Anonymous said...

Oh No!

I'm so glad you and Aaron are (relatively) ok. You both need to be extra careful in this next week to make sure there aren't any lurking injuries that show up.

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Stupid pick up truck lady.


Greybishop said...

Good grief!

When I saw "car accident" and "we're both ok" at Aaron's blog, I was expecting a busted tail light and a dented fender!


I'm so glad you're both okay. Take care of yourselves.


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