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Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Reading

I am actually reading a book, just for pleasure. It's almost unheard of as I don't sit still much these days. There is always the need to be somewhere else it seems and if I get to thinking I have an afternoon to devote to no less important things than the domestic chores that never go away, I am almost always blindsided by another demand to leave the house.
I saw this at the grocery store. Appropriate for a book about food and that's what caught my eye. I have a vague recollection of seeing a commercial for the movie recently but I don't get to watch much TV either. Anyway, it is a most enjoyable romp through someone else's life and adventures in living and cooking.
I'd all but forgotten the pleasures of losing oneself in a book~ just for pleasure.

Take a moment to check out April's blog. she is at the market next to Aaron and makes the loveliest earrings and jewelry.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Hey Jen, that's my summer read too!


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