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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marty's Mission Style Stair Rail Project

Marty was commissioned to create a new railing system for a home locally. It was a huge job engineering-wise but turned out very nicely and the people are thrilled.

Once he got started it was decided he ought to put in a hardwood floor to match all his work. That had to happen first, then the railings were installed. It's been a busy three days!! Gorgeous floor (pre-finished, although he had to create a bull nose moulding and match it to the purchased flooring for the top of the stairs.)
Here is part of the railing installation.

Now the next step. No pun intended.
All done. The owners will be painting and doing other renovations to the area. It's going to look wonderful.


Knatolee said...

Oh my. That is quite possibly the most beautiful stair rail I have ever seen. I love Mission style too.

Jeff said...

Nice work.


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