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Friday, August 21, 2009

Dog Days of Summer??

While I would much prefer to be happily occupied with sorting through the items my parents brought from their antiques booth which is now closed, my days are still full of visits to the chiropractor and other appointments along with list-making to get things lined up efficiently for the boys' departure soon. It's been so hot and muggy no one wants to do much of anything. We did get a huge down pour last night but it didn't do much for the temps.
We returned home this morning to find a sea of fluff at the back door. We leave the dogs back there so they do not have run of the house while we are out. Rosie spent the night back here last night as she once again got into something she shouldn't have. Those of you with Beagles know what I mean. It doesn't take much to inspire an old girl like Rosie to go where she knows she oughtn't. I guess Odie thought the pillow back there was a new toy, just for her. Well, she killed it good.

After yet another trip into Brockville this afternoon, I think we could all use a nap!

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