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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heat Wave

The past few days have been as busy as usual and the heat hasn't helped productivity around here. Saturday evening had Marty and I "front of house," handing out programs for the last show of the Shakespeare Festival. We thought it might be cooler down near the water. Not so. No sign of rain for the outdoor performance though, so that was good. A big crowd showed up too. We have had a tiny part in volunteering over the last four years. We didn't get to stay and watch the show as Marty had gotten called into work.
I finally bought a couple of the cards that they have for sale at each performance. They are just gorgeous. The exquisite artwork is created by Elizabeth E. Schuch. You can buy her work on Etsy.
Even the dogs are a little confused by the outside temps. They want out to play, but once out there, like the cooler indoors much better. It's good to get things good and dry after so much rain, but a few degrees lower would be so very nice for all concerned.
Another busy week ahead. The countdown begins as my two older sons are off to college in separate cities in less than two weeks. Lots to do!

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