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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gone Junkin'

Ronna called. We used to get together to celebrate our mutually close birthdays but this year time had run away on us. She was coming out for a visit and wanted to go junking. Did I have a plan? Of course I had a plan. When you don't have a lot of money to throw about, you find those special places where treasures can be found with a little looking.
I got this cigar box of stamps from our last stop. This place required a little fortitude to explore but the adventure was well worth it. Can you imagine bundling up all those stamps and including a list that states there are over 22,000 stamps in there?! Every bundle has 100 stamps and there are several layers of bundles. They date to the '60s.
We hit Goodwill, a couple of Sally Ann's, poked into a couple of funky little shops, ate a picnic lunch down on Blockhouse Island, along the St. Lawrence. The weather was perfect. Not too warm with a pleasant breeze.
Above are some more finds. I love the Kokeshi postcards (I'll tuck them in the cabinet behind my collection of Kokeshi dolls.) The glass bottle is from Wyeth pharmaceuticals.
I was totally thrilled ( okay, jumping up and down inside) to find this souvenir of Paris, tucked in amongst the dishes at Goodwill. It is wool with glass eyes and don't you just love the little Eiffel Tower charm? You can't get more French than a French Poodle. I figure it is from the '50s.

At the second Salvation Army shop Ronna was checking out and a lady was standing by holding these two really cool boxes. Gotta love old boxes, you never know what will be inside. Apparently she just wanted to price them. I got the two of them for $5. They both have old Pimpernal- type trivets in them.
At our last stop where there required much rummaging, Ronna pulled out this lovely little strawberry jug. Not marked but definitely German, I immediately recognised that it must go with the little strawberry sugar dish I have had for more years than I can count. I've hung onto it as I just love the delicate detail of the thing. Now the pair is united as they should be. Another great five dollar find! Don't they look happy together?

So, what began as another busy week, a diagnosis of Bronchitis, preparing for my parents' arrival today, more car problems, and packing up Marty and two of the boys for their trip away this weekend, Wednesday was the best day ever. Thanks Ronna!!


Ronna said...

Great find!Great day!

Ronna said...

Oops...Finds...not find (typing too fast!!)

Carmi said...

Great Post!


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