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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

September Artist Tour

The Seaway Autumn Studio Tour is coming up quickly. It runs Saturday Sept. 19th & 20th. This year there will be art displayed at the local coffee shop, Cup After Cup, in Prescott. Each participant is supposed to create something based on the above photograph by Mr. Mike Laking, in our medium of choice. I drew a blank.
Then I passed by a little box of envelopes from old eye-glass lenses where I had tucked an old papier mache doll head among other things. Amazing how you walk past something over and over, thinking to yourself that you must take care of said box, but never get the time to give it any serious thought. Then it hit me. My interpretation of Mr. Laking's photo is shown here.
My mom had found a number of shadow boxes at a yard sale a while back and this one was a perfect fit. Yes, I had to cut the back of the doll head off but it was damaged anyway so nothing was really lost. I'm very pleased with the end result.


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