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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bustin' Out

While I was rearranging some of my stuff in my large cabinet in the guest room ( I always empty one section when anyone stays with us for long periods of time, so they have a place to put special things.), I noticed that I had seemed to have acquired a number of busts. Not in a deliberate sort of way but there they were, gathered together, looking rather nice. The one above I have had the longest. It is marble and is inscribed Medici on it. The odd vessel next to it is marked Vriennes, France. It's glass.
These sweeties came with the bundle of old doll parts I got a while back. Okay, not busts but lovely in their simple white glaze.
The president on the left is a salt figures, obviously a souvenir from way back. The shoulder plate head next to him is a reproduction made by someone. I love the little boy. It's a chalk figure, perhaps a maquette prepared for an actual sculpture. He has a most determined look on his face.
Marty and boys return this afternoon, from their trip to Sudbury. Looks like another nice day ahead. I'm loving the cool mornings!

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

Looking at the heads reminded me of being in Nice back in the 90s. We went to a Roman ruin and museum where I found the miniature busts on display so appealing.


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