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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Greetings

Yesterday found us in Ottawa as hubby had an appointment and I was able to hang out with Aaron while he was busy. It was good to see son number two and find him happy and well-settled into rez life and his courses. He has a good room mate too which makes life that much better.
Just a little side-note on our weather here. When we left Prescott to head up to Ottawa yesterday, it was warm and wet. When we got out of the car in Ottawa it was only 3 degrees Celsius!! That's only a 45 minute trip north. I guess there is no ignoring it, winter is upon us.

Friday found Joshua and I all over the place running errands so he and hubby could haul some stuff out to Belleville for son number one, whom they are picking up and bringing back home for reading week.

I have found that having three dogs does not make leaving them behind any easier on them. They are very happy to have all their people at home where they belong after a long day on their own. So, we are about to settle in for a little mindless fluff after two very long days. Boy, will Odelia be thrilled to see Jacob. She is absolutely nuts for him!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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