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Monday, October 5, 2009

Wood Splitting Is DONE

I could have taken more shots of the great wall of stacked wood and told you more about the long hours of handling short logs, splitting, loading, hauling, stacking and so on. However for those of you have done this before, you know what a lot of work it is. For those who haven't, you can do without the details. We did get it all done and I managed a few good hearty meals in the process too. We will be toasty warm for this winter and next year too.
Now it is time to get cozy and get back into the studio. Ideas have been percolating for a while now so I must heed their call.
It's hard to know where to begin though.
So, a little reorganising always helps put things back in focus. Have a great week.
~the lovely silhouettes are all die cut images from the 1920s. I look forward to incorporating in future pieces of art.

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